full moon. lunar eclipse. blood moon

Message, Role, Wisdom

The energy has been honestly out of control all week. There is a full moon in Taurus that is in alignment with the sun, placing a red coloration around Her glow. There is a partial lunar eclipse. A stunning, fantastic moment of chaos. And a moment where the inner and outer throw it all into the air and reshuffle.

But a burden need not defeat you. I know that there is value to my time and I’d rather spend it doing things that matter. My path is truly just a Goddess who carves and co creates her own truth.

So I’ll use this lunar moment to reshuffle and reprioritize my self and my strength. I will fill from now until 12/19 with the things that truly only bring me joy.

I choose the path of my Soul
My Spirit guides me towards Her unknown
I seek the things I've been owed.
I reap the karmic energy I have sowed.
Great Goddess, help me unburden the chains
Let me see the wings.

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