Musings of the Goddess

Hear my truth. 
I am the light to guide the dark. 
I am the Goddess. The darkness alight. 
Queen of the Witches. Queen of the Underworld. Queen of the Glorious Fallen.
I speak with your voice.
I craft your world. 
I lead with the heart of the Goddess. 

I serve. I speak. The words are my power.

--Freyja Rubens.

This is definitely a post that I paid for, not Wytchwood. Wytchwood ( is an incredibly Magickal and Pagan owned company based out of Vermont. The owners, Christina and Ben, oversee this beautiful little business. What I like most about their products is that they have a beautiful story behind each one– be it inspired by the Northern Pagan tradition (think Freya, Frigga, Odin and Thor), or seasonal blends– Samhain, Yule, Ostara, Mabon– this company has a scent and flavor profile for everything! I highly recommend their products! Recently, I’ve been OBSESSED with their shimmering body oils– Hecate, a Clary Sage and Lavender blend with lots of pretty shimmers and amethyst. I use this pretty regularly– I add some to my ritual baths, and also anoint my daily crystal bracelets with it (I wear Malachite & Black Moonstone to honor my Dark Goddess). Given that Hecate is also a Dark Goddess, it’s a relatively perfect blend. I have to say though, my favorite part is definitely when the glitter gets super clumped at the bottom of the bottle when it runs out– it made my bath a glitter explosion.

And then there was Persephone.

The power of this Goddess. She was new to me. As an eclectic witch I’m always and often trying to understand who is speaking to me. For a while now, it seems Persephone, the Dark Queen of the Underworld wanted my attention. My practice, until now, has been largely focused on Lilith, Hecate, and Freya (Freyjas_RabbitHole, my IG, started as an homage to the Queen of the Valkyries, after all).

Saturday Night Magick

The moon sitting in Pices tonight reminds me that it is time to speak up and claim the truth that I am sitting with. The Queen of Voices is what you would consider a jumper card. The Golden Egg, from Animal Guide Spirit Deck, ties into the fourth chakra (Anahata) and reminds us to move through and from a place of love. The guidance from The Moon & Cactus Solar Oracle was to simply express myself in this time of introspection. The month of November strongly aligns with ancestors, and honoring the voices behind. In my most recent spiritual practice, where I’m focusing on understanding Embodied Mediumship, there is a deep need for discernment.

So what about Persephone?

So that’s the thing– Persephone must be one of great discernment. She traverses the underworld. She guides souls to their ending destination. She is the Goddess with a torch, the light bearer. Brigid, a celtic deity is celebrated at Imbolc for returning with the light, but it is Persephone who must start by going into the dark as the fall gives rise to winter. She is usually associated with the second harvest.. but for me, she speaks all through the third and final harvest– for how can we imagine a Goddess of Spring who does not understand the death required for change? Persephone calls us to recall that part of our truth, and I for one, am happy to follow this Queen.

It is time to speak up and claim the truth. It’s my time to lead.


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